Name :HASEGAWA Akihiro , Ph.D.


Being and Doing with Ikigai for each person

Date of Birth Oct. in 1972 Born in Konan city, Aichi Pref.(midland of Japan) Citizenship: Japan


Organization Name, Department Name

Teikyo University, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Department of Psychology,

and  Graduate School of Liberal Arts, Division of Clinical Psychology.


359 Otsuka Hachioji-shi Tokyo , 192-0395,JAPAN



Job Title ;




Research Field

Clinical psychology

Community psychology

Social psychology

Educational psychology



Keywords for Research Field

life span development,effectiveness,process,outcome, case study,research,experiment,philosophy of science,training/education,model, positive psychology, brief psychotherapy,hypnosis, brief therapy,family therapy, clnical Dohsalogy(motor-action method),IKIGAI(purpose in life/reason(s) for living) Ikigai / ikigai



Research Interests

Outcome and process research on effective psychotherapy
Research on IKIGAI(purpose in life/reason(s) for living) Ikigai
Education and Training Program on Professional Psychologist



Graduate School

Tokyo Metropolitan University (Graduate School, Division of Urban Science)
Ph.D., in Urban Science, 2003
Major Professor: HOSHI Tanji , M.D.,Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Empirical study of the “IKIGAI(purpose in life/reason(s) for living)” for the Elderly according to the area


Niigata University(Graduate School, Division of Education , Special Education )
Master of Arts (MA) degree in 1997
Major Professor: MIYATA Keiichi, MA
Thesis Title: The teacher’s problem cognition and coping on the student’s behavior



Graduating School

Aichi Gakuin University(Faculty of Letters , Psychology )
B.A., in Letters, 1995
Major Professor: SAKAI Ryoji, M.A.
Thesis Title: The interaction of the family and the development of the justice in children



Professional Experience(including Teaching Experience)

2020-2024: Professor, Toyo Eiwa University (Graduate School, Clinical Psychology)

2013-2020: Associate Professor, Toyo Eiwa University (Graduate School, Clinical Psychology)
2004-2013: Assistant Professor(Lecturer) and Psychological Counselor, Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Graduate School, Clinical Psychology)

2003-2004:Psychological Counselor, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
2000-2003 and 2013-present : Clinical Psychologist, Iimori Medical Clinic et al. in Tokyo
1997-2000: Clinical Psychologist, Mishima Hospital in Niigata Pref.





Official License as a Psychologist in Japan
Certified Clinical Psychologist(Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists)
Certified Hypnotist as Supervisor(The Japanese Society of Hypnosis)
Certified Clinical Dohsalogist(The Association of Japanese Clinical Dohsalogy)



Academic Society Affiliations

Japanese Association of Brief Psychotherapy (member;1992-,PR Committee ;2005-2008,standing director and/or PR Committee chair;2008-2011,standing director and/or Academic Committee chair;2011-2014, Training chair ; 2014-2020. Academic Committee;2020-2023)


The Japanese Society of Hypnosis (member;1995-, Project and Training Committee and/or Research Committee;2004-2007,standing director and/or International exchange Committee chair;2007-2010,standing director and/or Project and Training Committee chair;2010-2013, Editor in chief ; 2013-2022, Editing Committee and PR Committee ;2023- )


The Japanese Psychological Association (member;1995-)


The Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology (member;1997-)


The Association of Japanese Clinical Dohsalogy (member;1998-)


The Japan Association of Applied Psychology(member;2013-)


Japanese Society of Community Psychology (member;2002-)


Japanese Society of Behavioral Sciences for the Elderly (member;2007-2016)


Japan Socio-Gerontological Society (member;2002-2021)




Japanese Society for Social Medicine (member;2009-2024)



Brief Therapy Network JAPAN(member;1998-,Executive manager;2010-,Managing Sub-editor ;2010-)